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Sophie Turner Talked About Her Sexuality In ‘Rolling Stone’ But Here’s Why Experts Say You Shouldn’t Label It

Sexy sophia turner 'Game of

Sexy sophia turner 10 Most

Sophie Turner Shares a Never

We are absolutely here for the black high waisted pants and ultra-cool bikini top — Sophie, can you please tell us where we can buy this one? In a new interview with , she opened up about both, including the fact that she doesn't share her fiancé's squeaky-clean image remember the JoBro purity rings? We've already gone through some pics of as well as all the destinations we've seen her at without her famous husband, but today we are taking a look at Sophie Turner's impeccable beach style.

  • She has two brothers Will Turner and James Turner.

  • In a new cover story for Rolling Stone, actor.

The Sexiest Sophie Turner Pictures of All Time

Denying the media access to her family members, she does not name them in the press.

  • At one point in the profile, the Game of Thrones star spoke about experimenting with her sexuality prior to her engagement to fiancé Joe Jonas.

  • Alright, now here they are — 10 of the most beautiful bikinis that Sophie Turner has worn on vacation! She is also known for her role in the X men film series from the year 2016 till the year 2019, where she played the character of Phoenix.