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Bree Essrig

Her eye for vintage is incredibly keen, and her closet is clearly full of once-in-a-lifetime second-hand fashion finds.

  • Knowing that his wife has the gift of prophecy, James must believe Claire, though he would prefer not to.

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Sounds Like A Cult

Edith and her crew are forced to face Marat on unequal footing, with Senlin caught in the crossfire, while Adam attempts to unravel the mystery of his fame inside the crowning ringdom.

  • If you were thrust into a position of power, would new temptations to line your pockets or torture your enemies gnaw away at you until you gave in? As a born and bred Valley Girl a title she wears with pride , her demeanor is unique to the west coast, and what would a west coast lifestyle be without a healthy dose of cannabis? Everything that should and shouldn't matter brought to you by people who vomit words and stuff.

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