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Yes, Dustin Hoffman Assaulted Anne Bancroft and Katharine Ross. But the Rules Were Different Then.

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Full frontal nudity in the new Mrs Robinson angers local theatre audiences

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The Graduate (1967)

Anne Bancroft (The Graduate)

Paul Simon had been contracted to write three new songs for The Graduate but had only produced one by the time editing was nearly done.

  • Bancroft met Mel Brooks in 1961 at a rehearsal for the variety show Perry Como Kraft Music Hall.

  • But as a local theatre prepares to show its own adaptation of the film classic, it has become clear that not everyone can be seduced by Mrs Robinson's charms.

How 'The Graduate' star Anne Bancroft avoided being typecast as Mrs. Robinson

Robinson, she acted like a nutty movie star.

  • Robinson, because I think I know what they are; I'm not good enough for her to associate with, am I? Take things as they come.

  • But the minister of the church where they were filming was keeping a close eye on things, so pounding was out of the question.